What to do before moving: tips

On the day before your move, prepare meals and “snacks” for the whole family, including breakfast at the old residence and dinner at the new home.
Do you have small children or pets in your family? It is desirable to protect them from the stress of transportation. If at least for a day they find themselves “in neutral territory” (with grandmothers, other relatives, friends), there will be much less unrest and trouble.
Prepare for all family members a “moving” set of clothes (non-marking, comfortable, not interfering with free movement).
Set aside a box cutter or other cutting tool to open the boxes.
Make sure both the old and new addresses have truck parking space and elevators.
Think over the route of the car so as not to get into traffic jams. Be aware that the entry of trucks into the city center may be restricted.
Prepare several sets of “cribs” – you will probably need a complete list of property, a plan for arranging furniture in a new apartment, as well as a separate sheet with the contacts of all involved employees and services.
Be sure to get enough sleep. Tomorrow you will need strength, so do not put off the preparations for the last night.