What to do before moving: best tips

Before you begin your move, create a detailed to-do list in a calm environment in advance with a time schedule to note what has already been done and what has not been done. So you don’t miss anything.

Write down in a separate notebook or on a sheet of useful contacts of trusted services. In a new apartment, you may need the help of a computer wizard, an employee of an Internet provider, a cleaning service, etc. Separately, indicate the contact details of the companies that will help you with the move – the moving service, contractors for the transportation or assembly of furniture.
In the same notebook or in any convenient program, start a general estimate. Packing materials, car rental, payment for assistants and loaders, cleaning, necessary household trifles like connecting a washing machine or calling a wizard to hang curtains – it is better to calculate all these expenses in advance.
Pay close attention to the issue of documents. Even if the move is just to another area of the city, it can lead to a lot of changes. For example, pick up a medical card from your old clinic in advance, get a child’s vaccination form in kindergarten, income certificates from employers (if you plan to change jobs), and so on.
The next stage of preparation is to draw up a layout of furniture, large equipment in the rooms. Consider the sequence of its skidding and assembly, so that, for example, a sofa in the middle of the living room does not interfere with placing a wall console.
When disassembling and packing furniture, be sure to sign the top and bottom, and label all parts. If you have kept the assembly instructions, do not pack it separately, but attach it to one of the parts. So the assembly of furniture in the new house will be easier and faster. If you doubt your dismantling and assembly skills, use the services of professionals.
Moving is not only a fuss, but also a truly important event for all family members. Take care of everyone’s comfort. If the move will include young children, prepare them for the upcoming changes, think in advance how the child will participate in the moving process.