What matters on moving day

Start the morning of your move with a good mood and breakfast.
Important: essentials should be loaded into the car last. So after transportation, they will be unloaded first of all, and they will immediately be at your fingertips.
After all the furniture is loaded into the car, check if it is well fixed (moving companies should use cars with fastenings in vans).
Inspect the premises – carefully check whether you have taken everything. If you leave furniture, open drawers, doors, look behind cabinets and cabinets.
Protect walls and doorways in your new home. Often when furniture or large household appliances are brought in, there is a risk of damage to the finish. This is especially true when entering a newly renovated building.
When bringing items into place, follow the labeling principle. Put the rarely used a little further away, those things that may soon be needed closer. Move the furniture and boxes to the marked rooms right away, or make sure the movers follow your plan.
To make it convenient for your assistants to navigate the room, place a plan indicating the rooms in a conspicuous place near the entrance to the apartment. On the door of each room, also leave a mark – this is a bedroom, a nursery or an office. Of course, such advice is especially relevant for multi-room apartments, private houses and cottages.
Make sure furniture and other items are moved safely. To do this, a detailed numbered list of all property is very useful.
If you use the services of movers, do not rush to sign documents without looking after the move is completed. It is important to correctly accept the work in the presence of company employees, to make sure the quality of the services provided.