How to prepare clothes for packing

Initially, it is worth laying out and sorting all the available clothes before moving with

it is better to get rid of unnecessary and damaged things immediately;
dirty linen and accessories are packed separately (if it is not possible to bring them into proper condition);
it is better to distribute all remaining positions on a smooth surface and select groups according to colors, materials, season and sizes.

It is better to immediately identify the main groups and lay out things in piles. Compact boxes are suitable for small packs of products, bulky items are easier to place in vacuum bags, and oversized clothes are best placed in a suitcase or bag, along the way tamping every little thing in it

Portrait of modern father playing with two boys in cardboard box while family moving to new house, copy space

(shawls, scarves, hats, hosiery).

Another important point is that it is better to put aside clothes that you need right away, household items, and bedding. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of energy unpacking all the packages and boxes in search of one T-shirt or pair of shorts. Hygiene products – soap, shampoo, toothbrush – should also be placed in a bag with essentials.

You can use old clothes when packing fragile items and valuables. This method will help increase the amount of free space in boxes with clothes, and also save the owner from the long sorting of necessary and unnecessary products.