Basic rules for transporting a microwave oven

The microwave oven must be turned off before transport. Make sure there are no foreign objects inside. To protect the cord from damage, secure it to the body with tape. Doors are also recommended to be fixed with adhesive tape or twine. The boston movers will tell you in more detail.

Packing Features:

The best option for transporting kitchen appliances is the factory packaging. The “native” factory box fits perfectly in size. The microwave oven will be firmly fixed, and you will not have to fill the resulting voids.
The technique must be overlaid with paper or cardboard: this will protect it from scratches and other damage.
Wrap the body with protective material – air bubble film.
In the absence of factory packaging, any packaging box will do.
To fill the voids, use any materials at hand: crumpled paper, fabric, foam rubber.
Close the container with tape. A microwave oven, like other appliances, must be transported in a closed package. This will protect the oven from moisture, dust, dirt and temperature extremes.
For ease of movement, a handle can be made from adhesive tape and rope.

Any type of transport is suitable for transporting a microwave oven. The main condition is to ensure reliable fixation of equipment. To do this, you can use a regular rope, twine or special fasteners. Before starting loading, do not leave the container on the ground: there is a risk that the bottom will get wet from moisture, and the oven will fall out during the movement.